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Sheq-Online focuses to centralise, facilitate and enforce all organisational compliance activities according to the organisational unique management systems and requirements. Sheq-Online provides management with unrivaled control and insight, detailed cross-module analysis, reporting and live dashboards, accurately presenting the Compliance state of the organisation at any given moment.
This supports management to make informed decisions while taking action towards the ultimate objective of continuous improvement and business growth. Sheq-Online allows these actions to be taken instantly by using its action manager module with custom workflows and audit trails.

Set-up and Administration

Sheq-Online is configured and implemented in your environment to enable control of every part of your business by means of a once-off initial set-up. During this configuration, a detailed breakdown of your organisation, as well as all responsible and accountable individual stakeholders, with their detailed roles and applicable accountability will be identified. This process includes the capturing of individuals, companies you deal with, support and shared services, clients, departments, management areas, site breakdowns, certification bodies, governmental organisation or inspection bodies, detailing each of their responsible and accountable persons and applicable locations. After the initial set-up and administration is completed, minor adjustments can be made effortlessly.

Document Management

Effective document management and control is conceivably seen as the most important part of any management system and lays the foundation for complying with any industry standard or government regulation.

SHEQ ON LINE Document control module makes it effortless to create, version, distribute and archive all controlled documents, ensuring that any amendments follow the correct change control process and ensures that only the latest version is available at its point of use. The Document Control Module also notifies the users of its new revision and the amendments that have been made through in-app notifications, email and SMS.

Record Storage

Sheq-Online makes provision for the capturing and retention of records in a controlled environment and allows the application owner to manage the lifecycle of organizational records, so that it does not interfere with other enterprise content management platforms.


Compliance management

Sheq-Online Compliance Activities module is a comprehensive tool to measure and manage compliance through a variety of criteria, including but not limited to international standards, internal procedures, external compliance of vendors and suppliers and governmental authorities.

To ensure your management system is continuously reviewed and improved, it is vital to monitor the adherence to your document management system and applicable regulations, Sheq-Online provides various modules where corrections, corrective action and preventative actions may be identifies during internal and external, formal and informal processes.

These modules include client and external monitoring, internal audits and inspections as well as registered findings and vendor monitoring. All findings raised during these processes undergo a detailed close-out process consisting of strategic steps, including Root cause analysis, objective evidence, escalations, task progress and financial impact to ensure that non-conforming findings have been resolved with adequate actions. In addition a detailed audit trail is recorded with search and analysis abilities.

The Compliance Activities Module includes various sub-modules which include checklist templates with customisable rating options and scoring, objective evidence and reporting.

On-line Training

Our Training module allows you to record and manage internal staff competence through on-the-job training.

In this module trainees, venues, courses, training, material trainers and organisational training requirements can be holistically controlled and accessed remotely.

The objective is to ensure the following:

– Accessibility

– Convenience

– Cost & Time Optimisation

– Integration with existing systems and utilisation of existing in-house training

– Learner Management System for Learnerships, Qualifications and Special Training Projects.


In order to easily identify negative trends and recurrence of non-conformances throughout the compliance process, an easy to use analysis mechanism is provided .This aids in the continuous improvement of the management system.

Detailed analysis reports are provided for every module throughout the solution. Analysis features include filtered reporting, results grouping, graphs and grids as well as saved queries.


Dashboards can be configured and incorporated into interactive displays, available to users based on system access, Dashboards are useful tools to be used by management for planning and decision making purposes and to provide real-time snapshots of your organisation’s compliance state